This series is mostly taken straight out of my Instagram feed but it is an opportunity to see the photographs at a larger format. 

Perthpective is made up of all those times I stop during my day to take a photograph of my direct surroundings. I bought a small camera a couple years back to force myself to carry it around as much as I can (I still forget it many times and miss out on some nice shots). I have come to thoroughly enjoy this process and its outcome, possibly more so than my other work sometime. I hope to keep up the discipline of taking photographs and sharing them online. I have started a short essay titled arguing that photography made me a better person, and that Instagram made me a better photographer, but that the logical conclusion to be drawn from these two premises does not follow. May be I will finish it one day and post it here ;-)

I wish to thank my wife and son whom, even though their walks are continually interrupted, have been surprisingly understanding of my curious and time-consuming habit. ​

 Perthpective 2015 - ongoing

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“Places matter. Their rules, their scale, their design include or exclude civil society, pedestrianism, equality, diversity (economic and otherwise), understanding of where water comes from and garbage goes, consumption or conservation. They map our lives [...] the way we inhabit places also matters, and that comes from experience, imagination, belief, and desire as much as or more than from architecture and design. In other words, the mind and the terrain shape each other: every landscape is a landscape of desire to some degree, if not always for its inhabitants”
Solnit, R. 2007. Storming the Gates of Paradise: Landscapes for Politics, p.9.

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