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The Decisive Moment

Exhibition and public lectures tackling planetary change

by Gwenaël Velge & Dr. Neville Ellis

20 February - 20 May 2019

The Staircase Gallery    

The National Hotel - Fremantle.


Opening 20 February 6pm 

Guest speaker Prof. Carmen Lawrence

Pub lectures:

6th March: Science: Dr. Bill Hare, Prof. Petra Tschakert, 

Dr. Jo Fontaine and Dr. Neville Ellis

17th April: Arts & Culture: Dr. Ionat Zurr, Gwenael Velge 

15th May: Politics: Prof. Carmen Lawrence,

Dr. Brad Pettit & Dr. Martin Brueckner

More speakers to be announced.

All events RSVP: Eventbrite




Humanity is changing the Earth in ways never seen before. The oceans are acidifying, the climate is changing, and the world is awash in plastic. Scientists are telling us that we have pushed the Earth into an entirely new state, one dominated by human activity. 


Welcome to the Anthropocene: the era of humankind


If we have the power to shape the deep future of the Earth and all living things upon it, then how should we think, act and feel in this decisive moment?


Come for a wild ride through our ancient WA landscapes as never seen before over a drink at the pub.

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