Breathing Space

Breathing Space is a collection of images taken under water either while freediving, surfing or playing in the waves or in a pool. The images have in common me holding my breath to take the photograph but also the sinking into this alien world, in which I occasionally manage to remain in satisfyingly long when I manage to really relax and focus. 

I appreciate what it takes to really feel like you have time in this world rather than feel you are in a rush for the next breath, and I really appreciate the world it gives access to, a world of strange noises and creatures, a world of explosions and no gravity (unless you empty your lungs or go deep enough).

Breathing Space 2014- ongoing

Gwenael Velge

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“Places matter. Their rules, their scale, their design include or exclude civil society, pedestrianism, equality, diversity (economic and otherwise), understanding of where water comes from and garbage goes, consumption or conservation. They map our lives [...] the way we inhabit places also matters, and that comes from experience, imagination, belief, and desire as much as or more than from architecture and design. In other words, the mind and the terrain shape each other: every landscape is a landscape of desire to some degree, if not always for its inhabitants”
Solnit, R. 2007. Storming the Gates of Paradise: Landscapes for Politics, p.9.

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