My name is Gwenaël Velge, I am an emerging photographer and academic. I fly a paraglider for my aerial work, I appreciate experiencing my gaze unmediated.
My formal training is in sociology (Hons, Belgium) and political science (Hons, Belgium; MA, Ireland); I am currently completing my PhD in the creative arts at Murdoch University (Western Australia). My work is highly formal and explores the crossroads of photography, human geography, philosophy and sociology.
The other main drive of my artistic practice is the activities I take part in that make me interact and move through landscape the way I do. My sense of place is heavily mediated by the sports I practice, they dictate the way I see and feel about landscape, mostly as a playground to be enjoyed, discovered and revealed in new creative ways. I paraglide, but I also free dive, surf, kitesurf, snowboard and skateboard. Growing up reading paragliding, skateboarding and snowboarding magazines contributed to my love for photography and the aesthetics of moving through landscape. 
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“Places matter. Their rules, their scale, their design include or exclude civil society, pedestrianism, equality, diversity (economic and otherwise), understanding of where water comes from and garbage goes, consumption or conservation. They map our lives [...] the way we inhabit places also matters, and that comes from experience, imagination, belief, and desire as much as or more than from architecture and design. In other words, the mind and the terrain shape each other: every landscape is a landscape of desire to some degree, if not always for its inhabitants”
Solnit, R. 2007. Storming the Gates of Paradise: Landscapes for Politics, p.9.

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